Thursday, 5 April 2018

This week we had lots of fun learning about chicken. We made a chicken head band and we enjoyed chicken dancing during our foundation assembly. Now we know that the chicken gives us eggs! We cooked some eggs in our class we really enjoyed eating and counting the eggs!

We would like to welcome 3 more friends in Early Years!

Our topic: 'The farm'

We will be learning about different kinds of farm animals and the environments they live in. We will focus on the importance of animals and how they play                                   an important part in our daily lives!

Role- playing the farmers!


                                        Happy Songkran!


See you on Monday, April 23.

 We are very happy to have 2 more lovely new friends in Early years!

Our main project for our topic unit 'Bob the builder' was to build a big castle. We have worked so hard to decorate the castle and now it's ready to use and play inside hooray!

                                       Physical development sessions!








   Having fun with numbers, shapes and pattern!





Building and constructions!



Science activities.

Our activity and discussions this week was all about growing into plants from                                         seeds and what they require to grow!

          We sang and dance to the song of a farmer how he sow the seeds and we sowed our own                                                                       seeds and now it's growing fast!

Planting a seed activity!




Look... The seeds are growing into plants!




Here we pretend to build a flower garden!

Welcome to Term 2!

It has been a pleasure to welcome back our kids to school. We are very happy to welcome 4 new kids in Early years hooray! Below are the lovely pictures of our new friends! All 4 of them have settled well into their new class and we are looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

Taking care of plants and flowers!



Building and construction activities!




                Welcome back!

 This is our curriculum map for unit studies 'Rhyme time' Use this link to download, have a look at what will be covering in each areas for this unit studies.

                                          Science activities. 

We went out to experiment with our own shadow. We enjoyed looking and  playing. Actually we think shadows are not funny, we make them funny and we can also make them sad, scary, jump, and run. What a fun experience!

                                              Look at EY football stars...

                  We have had lots of fun playing football in the big playground!




                                 Happy Loy krathong!








                      Halloween parade and trick or treat!

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