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Dear parents and care-givers,
On Tuesday  31 October Foundation children can come dressed in Halloween themed clothes. There will be a parade in the front playground at 8.30am for parents to watch. During the day the children will take part in Halloween themed activities and enjoy a trick or treat walk to the other classes in Foundation.
We are asking for candy and/or small drink cartons donation for the Foundation trick or treat event.  Please can you donate to your class teacher some candy wrapped ready to hand out to the children and/or small drink cartons during the week starting Monday 9 October. All donations should be with the class teacher by Thursday  12 October please.
This is still a sensitive time in Thailand so, as a mark of public respect, we request that parents bring children straight to school and do not stop off in public places in Halloween costumes.
Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing everyone for our Halloween parade on October 31!

Kind regards
The Foundation team

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#kids need #music

We love to sing !

We love to dance... This is one of our favourite dance!


Library time is so fun. 

We are listening to rhymes, songs and story!

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        Many of our friends are not well we are missing you all...

Get well soon!

Outdoor learning session.

We love exploring outdoors it helps us to develop a deeper relationship with nature and it enhances our personal and social development!  



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First birthday celebration in Early Years!

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 We had so much fun hunting treasures!


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Early years first visit to the Library!





   Enjoying water play and swimming!








We encourage positive relationship with peers and adults to promote Social and Emotional Development!






 We are settling well into Early years hooray!!





Welcome to Early Years  2017-18.

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Dear Parents and caregivers,
Welcome to Early years at Garden International School. My name is Aren Aonok, and I am very happy to be your child’s teacher this year. We have lots of exciting learning opportunities planned for EY. We will encourage the children to feel valued, to be happy, and to learn effectively through play.
When your child arrives in the morning they will put their backpacks in their cubbies and put their water bottle in the tray so that they can have access them whenever they need to have a drink.
Arrival time to school is at 7:30.
7:30 - 8:00 -The back playground and playroom will be open and monitored for your child to play in.
8:00 – 8:30 - The top playground and sandpit will also be open.
8:30 – The bell will ring and all Parents will be asked to leave. The children will tidy up and come into class to start their school day.
Please do not leave your child in the playground if there is no one on duty, their safety is our highest priority.
Early Years school day finishes at 12 noon for term 1. They stay to eat lunch but do not stay for lunch play time.
What do I need for Early Years?
- A backpack in which they can fit in A4 piece of paper but not too big for their cubbies.
- A water bottle that is easy for them to open and use, and has either a straw or a small opening at the top. Bottles with wider openings lead to the children spilling them more easily.
- Two sets of extra clothes everyday in their backpacks. Please label your child’s name on their clothes.
- If your child is in nappies please provide spare ones and wipes.

What should my child not bring to school?
- Toys from home, they will not be allowed to play with them at school as they may get broken and cause distress.
- Candy or sweets are not allowed we encourage healthy eating in our school.
- Gifts or stickers for other children these cause distress for those who do not receive them and we are engendering fair play in our children’s behaviour rather than favouritism.
What to wear?
Your child needs to wear the GIS school uniform and a hat. Kindly purchase these from the uniform shop by the front office. Your child will also need to wear closed toe shoes with socks. No flip flops, crocs or sandals are allowed. No shoes with laces unless your child can tie them themselves. Sometimes the school has Mufti days to raise money for special causes on these days your child can wear their own clothes from home you will get notice in advance of this. This year all of Foundation will be part of a school house and will require a house t-shirt. We will put a list of houses on the classroom door over the next few weeks. Our first Foundation house t-shirt day will be on the Wednesday 20th September. Please label all of your child’s personal items.
Wednesday is water play. 0n water play days they will need a swimsuit, towel and slippers. Please put all their things in a plastic bag.
Monday is music with Ms Michelle (from Primary)
Tuesday and Thursday is P.E  with Khun Gig, please wear P.E uniform

Fridays we will have a fruit party. Could you kindly send one piece of fruit cut and washed to share with the class. 

Snacks and Lunches:
We encourage and promote healthy eating for our children at the school the school provides snacks and lunches for the children. They will get a range of meals and we will monitor their eating habits and if there are any concerns will let you know.
The children will be taken to the school library on Wednesdays to select a book to take home. Kindly return the book on the following week so that they can check out a new book. You are welcome to use the library and read with your child after school hours.
Communication diaries:
Your child will be given a communication diary. If there is anything that I want to communicate, I will write on this book. If you have any concerns or want to write to me about something please write in the diary, we check them every morning. This book will help you to know things like the school calendar and other useful information.
Below is my email if you want to contact me through email.
If you are late picking up your child or they are sick, please phone the front office or email give us much notice as possible.
Will be running a classroom blog where you will be able to see photos of your children, schedules and other important information.
When it is your child’s birthday we will have a little celebration with their classmates. You may bring a cake, or something to eat and drink with the class. We ask that you do not bring any toys, candy, or gift bags for the children.
I look forward to the very exciting year ahead!
Thank you.
Best Regards,

Aren Aonok

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