Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Welcome back to second half of term 1. We are very happy to have a new friend in Early years.

                             Welcome,,,We all love to play with you...You are such a lovely boy!


In early years, we will reduce, reuse and recycle...

Today we have visited our school decomposing area...We took our scrap food to decompose it, we don't like to waste anything.We had to walk all the way down to the football field to learn how to decompose scrap food wow... It was fun and we have really enjoyed running and walking around in the field with our friends!

Looking forward for our next trip to the football field!

We are having so much fun doing craft transport with the recycled materials. First we have painted the recycled boxes and used bottle lids for the wheels...

Now it's ready to use for our pretend imaginary trip to different places!

We are dramatising to be stopping and going on the traffic lights...

Our circle time sessions are always fun and enjoyable!


Singing to one of our favourite song, row, row, row your boat!

We are now looking at circles all around us...We went hunting for circles in our classroom and we have found so many!

And after the circle hunting game we listened to this song!


Below are the videos that we have been watching for our unit topic, "Things that go"




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