Friday, 21 October 2016

                     In Early years, we are still exploring about the things that go...

                                Look at the train that we have made! We are heading off to Bangkok! 

We are practicing writing numbers on the sand, we think one day we will become expert in mathematics. Look we already know how to write number 1 hooray!

This boy said look, look this is a big and long number 1!

Our trip to the parking lot...

We went to our school parking lot to check out how many cars were parking there... There wasn't too many cars, we saw our school pick up truck and checked out the wheels, steering wheel and the seats... Wow there were lots of motor bikes parking too!

Water play is lots of fun...We are cleaning our bikes and cars and now it's clean and shiny!





                                                      Literacy sessions...

Exploring different places...

Our pretend journey to different places and countries...what fun it was!


I go Bangkok..

Bye... I am going to India!

Have a lovely break everyone see you all on 31st October!

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