Thursday, 22 September 2016

Early years have moved to the next unit studies, " Things that go ". We are now looking at all different means of transportation, we are even planning to go on an imaginary trip to different places with different modes of transportation. 

Our first project for this unit, was to make a big bus and we did it hooray! We used brushes, sponges and different toy car wheels to make it beautiful...Look this is the big bus that we have made!


We have so many interesting books in our classroom about transports, we look at it and read together with our teachers!




We love making music using different instruments, we dance and sing everyday! We have lots of fun with our friends... 


Early years are now looking at our sense organs for the unit study, "Our Body" We have looked at the senses of sight and taste...The question for the sense of sight was, what our eyes sees? We have been also differentiating between different taste, sweet and sour etc... for our sense of taste!

Look! what we have made to look with our eyes... A binocular and eye glasses, and we went looking around in our garden using self made recycled tissue rolls binoculars!






                                            Tasting different kinds of food...



The Elephants are getting bigger and taller...

We love dressing up!



                                                      Look what we saw?

 We saw a tiny snail crawling on our window, we quickly took  our magnifying                                                       glasses to look at it!

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